Braced Bottom Bearing Hinge

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70mm bottom bearing rotating plate hinge with L bracket; adjustment btw 65-80mm; quality italian 30206 bearing; perfect for direct door & gate hinging; 300-kg load capacity; built in grease nipple; 90° opening; galvanised; tested upto .5 million cycles.

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 Italian-made bottom bearing rotating plate hinge complete with blind holes, sealed bearings & L plate for mounting
 Ideal for light or heavy duty swing gate applications with or without automation
 Weight capacity: 25000-kgs per hinge
 Use with our Rolling Center PG 71 S top bearing hinge for maximum performance
 Galvanized yellow for protection from corrosion
 Maintenance: Check strengthening every 6 months
 Lifespan: Tested to withstand upto 1 million revolutions in normal environment conditions

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Weight 1.65 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 10 cm


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All Product Codes: PG 70 I2, PG-70-I2, PG70I2

SKU: PG 70 I2 Categories: ,