Double Bearing Sliding Gate Wheel 100mm

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Crafted with precision using high-quality Italian bearings, our sliding gate wheels have earned widespread acclaim for their durability and performance.

Our 100mm diameter Double Bearing Sliding Gate Wheel is seamlessly compatible with our Sliding Gate Floor Track, In-Ground Gate Track, or Heavy Z O-Groove sliding tracks. Boasting a robust load capacity, each wheel is rated at an impressive 300-kgs, ensuring reliability in various applications.

For long-lasting rust protection, our double bearing sliding gate wheels feature a galvanized finish. The easy installation process involves bolting the wheel to the bottom of the gate frame, facilitated by the inclusion of one bolt, two spaces, and one nut.

To guarantee optimal performance, we recommend a simple maintenance routine: grease the wheel every 6 months with waterproof consistency 2 lithium or lithium-aluminum grease. This proactive approach extends the lifespan of our double bearing sliding gate wheels.

Choose Rolling Center for a seamless blend of quality, durability, and easy installation with our Double Bearing Sliding Gate Wheels – the trusted choice in the market.

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Double Bearing Sliding Gate Wheel for sliding or suspended doors & gates
• Groove: round (21 mm)
• Diameter: 100 mm
• Width: 30 mm
• Through bolt M10x55 mm
• Bracing at 44 mm
• 2 sealed bearings
• Load capacity of 300 kg
• Material: C45 steel
• Finish: galvanised yellow 13.2µm
• Tested to 1.5 million cycles

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Weight 1.48 kg
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 10 cm


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